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1) Progetto AXSO: it is the base project for every devices of Agency Impianti line of products. This patented system detects and compensates instantaneously the movements of the boat, increasing the comfort aboard during the sleep or levelling some objects of various type. The well-timed job of the device, leaded from a gyroscopic electronic device, allows to compensate the motion aboard, with the result of a bi-axial stabilization for pitch and roll, with very low residual movements.

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2) SWAPCOM ( Sea WAve Prediction and COMpensation): ( NEW) this is a new concept for stabilization of the boats. Each stabilization system for pitch and roll you can find on the market is based on electronic devices which compensate the gap between the ship and the horizont using devices like flippers or similar. There are also gyroscopic devices with a considerable weight, used to reduce the roll. Each one of these systems has the fault that the motion correction starts as soon as the boat is starting to roll, and it means that even the best stabilization system will have a residual error, needed to feel the inclination. SWAPCOM is a prediction system for the boat movement, this system can predict the boat motion in a nearly future, just some seconds. This system allows to make the correction just in time with the motion, with no residual error, so no residual movements, with a huge improvement of the stability of the boat. SWAPCOM is a new system we are working on.

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3) SISTEMA TSUDO: this is a system used for measuring the wave height and generally the motion of the wave in a long period of time. This system is studied for the measurement of high waves and in particular tsunamis. It is specially studied to detect low waves with a long period.

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