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Gyro stabilizer
Levelling Bed
Wine Cellar
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Stabilized Room

 Agency Impianti
 Via San Marco 35,
 56121 Pisa,
 Tel/Fax +39 050 42286

Agency Impianti works in studying survey devices, developing, projecting and producing systems in order to analyze and reduce the periodic stresses of the motion of the sea waves.

The carried out research in this particular field allowed to realize standard products and enables us to study products suited not only to specific boats but also to the different requirements of our customers, thanks to several development possibilities.

Our Partners' competences.

Our job consists in studying the sea and creating products aimed at improving the quality of your life. Enjoy the comfort!

Some of our devices:

Suitable to preserve wines in the optimal way, stabilizing the bottles. (Go to the page ).

Studied to reduce the sensations of the motion of the waves aboard. (go to the page ).

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