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Gyro stabilizer
Levelling Bed
Wine Cellar
Boat Flat
Stabilized Room

 Agency Impianti
 Via San Marco 35,
 56121 Pisa,
 Tel/Fax +39 050 42286

Our mission is producing systems aimed at the analysis and reduction of the motion of the sea waves aboard. Agency Impianti was established in 2001 by Mr. Stefano De Simoni, and it is dealing with some projects such as AXSO, SWAPCOM e TSUDO, with the strict cooperation of the companies Sacchetti Oleodynamics, Metalgelli and Rinaldi Engineering, partners of the AXSO project. The strong synergy between these companies allows to develop hi-tech quality products. The diversification of the skills of the partners allows to obtain versatile and reliable products.

Besides making our products technologically advanced, the partnership between the companies allows us to offer a complete assistance service with skilled and well-timed jobs.

The carried out research in this particular field allowed to realize standard products and enables us to study products suited not only to specific boats but also to the different requirements of our customers.


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